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Won’t you stay awhile? How to give your guests the best accommodations | Cville Weddings

Won’t you stay awhile? How to give your guests the best accommodations

By July 22, 2016 No Comments

Your big day is notable for a few reasons—not the least of which is that it’s a great occasion to gather everyone you love in one room. But they’ll all need somewhere to stay at the end of the night. We talked to folks at Courtyard by Marriott, the Graduate Charlottesville and the Boar’s Head Inn to get the scoop on the way to stay.

When to book?

Making reservations a year in advance isn’t unreasonable, but for weddings that don’t fall on a busy weekend, six months should do it. And many of these hotels will reserve rooms closer to the wedding date on a case-by-case basis.

How much can I get?

This varies by hotel. At the Boar’s Head Inn, couples can reserve up to 20 rooms per night with a two-night minimum for their guests. The Graduate allows parties to block off 10 rooms without penalty if they aren’t picked up, and the same goes for Courtyard by Marriott.

What’s included?

Rooms for wedding parties are much the same as any other room in each of these respective hotels. However, everyone we spoke to promised that guests in a wedding party will be housed as closely to each other as possible to allow for easier access to one another during their time there. Often, too, small gifts may be included upon request. The Boar’s Head Inn, for instance, will include certain “value adds” like chocolate-dipped strawberries with Champagne or continental breakfast in bed.

Cost and selection

Contact the hotels directly to figure out a price that works best for you. There is no fixed cost, as the room price will vary depending on what is going on in the hotel and in Charlottesville, when you need the rooms, how many you need, etc.—Faith Schweikert

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